Boudika Comics exist to promote comic reading, to tell stories and to invite young creators to do their own stories. We encourage reflection and critical analysis of every situation in our social context and the world as a whole, stimulate creativity and art, to celebrate human diversity and cultural expressions, and to teach tolerance and respect for human and animal life trough our work.

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CLAUDIA AGUIRRE The Queen | Co founder of Boudika Comics
Graphic Novel Author, Writer & Illustrator
Born: December 14, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Lives: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon


Claudia is an independent sequential artist and illustrator who lives and dreams in a little corner of the earth, but nomad at heart. An avid reader, Loves kittens, monsters, fantastic universes and the wonders of small things.

Draws everything in a variety of styles and moods, from children’s illustration to epic fantasy and Sci-Fi, adventure and action. She has participated as an illustrator in numerous small apps and games for Playful interactive, Illustrated for YA books for Malinda Lo and published two books "La maison bleue" (2012) and "Malice is---" (2013) under the seal of Boudika Comics. She currently works full-time as a freelance artist.



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EVA CABRERA ★ The Monster | Co founder of Boudika Comics
Comicbook Artist & Illustrator
Born: January 4, Veracruz, Mexico
Lives: Wherever she is.


Traveling and ComicBook Artist working on Archie Comics, Black Mask Studio, OniPress and BOOM Studios. Lover of coffee, video games, and animals. She co-founded Boudika Comics studio where she publishes her graphic novels. She was GLAAD Award Nominee and Will Eisner Award for Best of Comics.


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Mobile Code Expert & Game Developer
Born: August 10, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Lives: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Marcela, also known as Mars, is a programmer by profession and gamer at heart. Since childhood, Mars has been always fascinated by fantastic worlds and magical characters present in video games, comics and cartoons. At age five she already could count over 100 numbers and her first game console made her interested in computing and electronics. 

Mars has developed multiple mobile applications and games for companies like Naranya Apphouse, Playful Play and Playful Interactive. She has been involved in the development of multiple video games which include "La Vecindad de El Chavo", that managed to have more than 8 million registered users on Facebook, and "Stop Hittin' Yourself", that emerged in the Global Game Jam 2014.

She currently works full time as a mobile app programmer and is looking for ways to tell stories through video games.



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